Cremation Urns

Cremation urns are economical and can be found in styles, sizes, materials and themes that fit your personality and the family budget.


If you buy your cremation urn ahead of time YOU get to choose it, and your family is freed from the stress and hassle of purchasing one in a rush before your funeral services.


Some memory chests even come with cremation urn compartments built right in.


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Are you looking for a cremation urn or memorial "Made in the USA"?

We recommend these hardwood cremation urns, memory chests, and memorials that are made in Oregon, U.S.A. and designed by Oregon artists! TreasureLine Urns is your source for these beautiful and unique handcrafted works of art. If you like them, ask your local funeral home to carry them or contact TreasureLine Urns.

Contact your local funeral home and ask them to carry these urns!

Oregon-made cremation urns by Oregon artists featuring doves, trout fishing, bears, tall ships, dolphins, surfers, and ducks Oregon-made cremation urns by Oregon artists featuring skiing, farm tractor, horses, mountains, wolves, sailing, and dolphins Oregon-made cremation urns by Oregon artists featuring motorcycles, bass fishing, horses, cabins, jesus the good shepherd, desert coyote, and whales


Memory chests are wonderful commemorative gifts for any occasion!

Oregon Duck fans would love one of these memory chests in their office, at their desk, or on a living room mantle! What would you put in yours? Candy? Pictures? Cigars? Photos? A lot of loose change? The sky's the limit!

Memory Chest - Oregon Ducks Memory Chest - Sunset Dolphins

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