Cremation Urns

Cremation urns are economical and can be found in styles, sizes, materials and themes that fit your personality and the family budget.


If you buy your cremation urn ahead of time YOU get to choose it, and your family is freed from the stress and hassle of purchasing one in a rush before your funeral services.


Some memory chests even come with cremation urn compartments built right in.

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Stepping Stone Molds by C and R Enterprises

Cape Arago Rubber Stamps - Little Stampers - 1 inch of fun!

Red Eowyn Rubber Stamps featuring Alice in Wonderland

Carved Emu Eggs by J. Sperling

Made in U.S.A.

We recommend these hardwood cremation urns, memory chests, and memorials that are made in Oregon, U.S.A. and designed by Oregon artists! TreasureLine Urns is your source for these beautiful and unique handcrafted works of art. If you like them, ask your local funeral home to carry them or contact TreasureLine Urns.

Most cremation urns hold 200 cubic inches of cremains.

Cape Arago Rubber Stamps - Unmounted and Mounted Rubber Stamps and Supplies

A companion cremation urn holds 2 sets of cremains, usually with a removable divider down the middle.

A memorial cremation urn is a THIN cremation urn with a volume around 55 cubic inches, and are for dividing cremains among family members.

A memorial display commemorates a loved one, but does NOT have any compartment for cremains.

A memory chest commemorates a loved one or a family event such an anniversary or birthday. The memory chest lid opens for storing treasured keepsakes.

Memory Chest - Dolphins

Memory Chest - Dolphins

Dimensions: 10-1/2 x 7-1/2 x 6-1/4 inches

Volume: 200 cubic inches

Wood options: Oak


Description: This 3D art memory chest is made of oak and has a lid that opens for storing treasured photos, letters, and special items. Memory chests are wonderful gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, or graduations. They may also be placed on nightstands, coffee tables, office desks, or as family message boxes. Store your family heirlooms, love letters, cigars, photographs, and jewelry in them, too. Due to the varying nature of wood grains, please expect to see some slight variations in your memory chest from the example pictured.

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Where to purchase: Contact your local funeral home and ask if they have them. If they don't stock them, ask them to carry this product. Or, contact TreasureLine Urns and tell them you found them through

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